Entrepreneurship, as we see it, means comprehensive responsibility for our society. Consequently, the economic success of the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group is linked to a company policy which deliberately focuses on the principles of sustainability and sensible environmental protection. At our company, active environmental protection measures and a committed, responsible relationship with nature are in harmony with environmental legislation and standards. In addition, we set ourselves high standards and strive to ensure that relevant developments occur within the desired framework. With this in mind, we are willing and able to provide answers to possible questions concerning the consequences of our actions at any time.


The importance which the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group attaches to protecting the environment was made clear back in 2003 when the company set up an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. The aim of this system is to reduce the impact which the company has on the environment. Nowadays, it forms a fixed part of our quality handbook.
There can be no doubting the fact that having DIN EN ISO 14001 certification speeds up the implementation of ­relevant environmental projects massively. The way in which the company uses resources such as water or electricity internally is a constant issue.
Other important factors include the fact that we take into account environmental ­issues when considering our development cycles and now produce environmental data sheets for our products on a routine basis. Incidentally, this ambitious approach also goes further and even applies to our choice of supply com-panies. These are checked on a regular basis from an environmental point of view.
By joining the “Umweltpakt Bayern” (Bavarian Environmental Pact) in 2007, the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group has set a further example. As a member of the pact, we work together with other companies based in Bavaria and go above and beyond the legal requirements in order to avoid damaging the environment in the future.


At the same time as implementing internal company measures, we also minimise any possible impact on the environment caused by our products from the moment they are manufactured until they are finally disposed of. Indeed, the foundations for an environmentally-friendly product are laid as soon as the product enters the development phase.
“Quality” is the key word in this context. Our high standards in this respect ensure that our products will last for many years to come – the most valuable contribution we can make towards easing the burden on the environment. Once a product has finally come to the end of its life, all components can easily be sorted according to specific ­types. All individual parts are marked and are approximately 100 % recyclable.