10/11/2017 - A+A 2017 - A healthy seated posture and ergonomic working in industrial workplaces

Integrated furnishing solutions for creating the optimum ergonomic industrial workplace are the key theme at this year’s Dauphin Group stand at the A+A in Düsseldorf. Looking at the work-ing environment as a whole makes it possible to cater for the needs of various industrial areas with the help of ergonomic products. The Dauphin Group’s professional approach includes the “Industry Trainer”, a new five-minute exercise and stretching programme which raises workers’ awareness of ergonomics in industrial workplaces.

Düsseldorf, October 2017. With its presentation of application-oriented, integrated solutions for ergonomics, efficiency and design, the Dauphin HumanDesign Group will focus on a key theme of the A+A 2017 and will demonstrate innovative approaches for industrial workplaces.

“human space Cubes” – room-in-room systems for industrial use

Given the need for ever greater productivity, self-contained rooms and areas for breaks are important in industry. Up until now, however, private areas where people can make telephone calls for example were usually reserved for office staff. With the “Bosse human space Cube”, the Dauphin Group is now presenting its proven room-in-a-room system for industrial areas too. The cube can be used in a varie-ty of ways: with optimum sound insulation and absorption, stable tem-peratures and a supply of fresh air, they are suitable not only as managerial or factory offices but also as attractive zones for privacy or breaks. The cubes help people to concentrate on their work while remaining close to production and production processes. For maximum flexibility, a cube can be positioned anywhere in a room – independently of the building – and can be set up in just a few hours. With the “Bosse Telephone Cube”, visitors to the stand at the A+A can see for themselves the benefits of the room-in-a-room system.

Tec profile – the all-rounder for any area of use

The ergonomics experts from Offenhausen will also present the AGR-certified Tec profile range of industrial chairs. Thanks to various special models, it is suitable for use in a wide variety of areas – from production and assembly areas to ESD protection zones and even 24-hour workstations. For the first time ever, the Tec profile is also available in a “MicroSilver” version which, thanks to an antibacterial coating, is the ideal seating solution for areas where hygiene is a priority. By constantly releasing MicroSilver BG™ silver ions, it is proven to permanently reduce levels of bacteria, for example in laboratories or the foodstuffs industry. What is more, the coating remains effective throughout the chair’s operating life and is not affected by mechanical wear or cleaning.

Dauphin Stilo – stylish, ergonomic seating

Whether it be in a managerial office or in production planning, not only assembly and production workstations but also ergonomic solutions for classic desk work are needed in all industrial companies. Dau-phin’s new Stilo office swivel chair meets all the requirements as regards ergonomics, design and ease of use, making it ideal for use in these areas. At the A+A, visitors will be able to experience the numerous different models in the range.

New “Industry Trainer” – an effective training programme to encourage exercise in industrial workplaces

Simply purchasing ergonomic furniture and work equipment is not enough. Employees can only get the full benefit of health-promoting work equipment if their working habits are geared to protecting their health and preventing illnesses. With the new “Industry Trainer”, the Dauphin Group will present a brief but effective training programme as a way of preventing illnesses in industrial workplaces. It is designed to encourage employees to include regular phases of exercise by performing simple gymnastics and stretches. This helps to prevent tension in the joints and also encourages concentration. Dauphin is providing the “Industry Trainer” in the form of a poster and a brochure – these can be ordered from info@dauphin.de.