10/11/2017 - A+A 2017 - “Bosse human space Cube”: the room-in-a-room solution for industrial areas

When used as a managerial or factory office, the “Bosse human space Cube” allows people to focus on their work in production environments. At the same time, the functional room-in-a-room concept is a flexible solution for breaks, meetings and private discussions too. After all, it is independent of the building and offers optimum sound insulation and absorption, stable temperatures and ample ventilation. The Dauphin HumanDesign Group will present its configurable Cube for use in industry for the first time in Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf, October 2017. With the “Bosse human space Cube”, the Dauphin Group will present its functional, modular room-in-a-room solution for use in industrial workplaces for the first time at the A+A 2017. The company based in Offenhausen is therefore expanding its range of integrated, ergonomic furnishing solutions and is showing an innovative approach for workplace design in an industrial environ-ment.

The manager’s office remains closely linked to production

Thanks to the use of acoustic components, the “Bosse human space Cube” offers optimum sound insulation and absorption. When used as a manager’s office, it allows focused work and undisturbed communi-cation. Because it has the highest absorbency rating “A”, the room-in-a-room solution achieves a sound insulation value of up to 38 dB. Thanks to double glazing, however, managers remain closely linked to production and can keep an eye on industrial production processes.

The factory office as a retreat for focused work

Although enclosed rooms are important in industry, they are rarely found in reality. It is proven that noise is a major stress factor and re-duces productivity in the long term. This makes having a retreat, e.g. in the form of a factory office for private conversations and focused work, all the more important. A specially developed energy-efficient and above all low-noise ventilation unit in the ceiling ensures an ade-quate supply of fresh air. Thanks to the infinitely adjustable ventilation capacity of up to 750 m³/h, the Cube keeps the temperature stable even in warm industrial production areas and ensures optimum room conditions.

Attractive recreation room for relaxed breaks

Up until now, adjoining private areas where people can have their lunch break for example were usually reserved for office staff. Em-ployees in an industrial workplace often have to leave the production area or even the building itself. With the “Bosse human space Cube”, the Dauphin Group is now presenting its proven room-in-a-room sys-tem as an attractive recreational zone for industrial areas too. The solution guarantees individual design options and maximum reversibil-ity as there is no need to interfere with the structure of the building. The Cube can be assembled on any surface and with no need for additional fixings in around six hours (excluding transport). As a result, it offers maximum flexibility for industrial companies. The standard dimensions of the Cube are equally flexible: from 2.58 x 2.58 meters to 4.2 x 4.2 metres (length x width), it can be configured as a recrea-tion area according to the needs of the company.


The Telephone Cube for undisturbed calls


For industrial companies with limited space, the Dauphin Group has further developed its proven room-in-a-room concept and created the “Bosse Telephone Cube”. Covering just a small area, it offers em-ployees an attractive, practical retreat where they can make private calls without having to leave the production area. The “Bosse Tele-phone Cube” is simply connected to the mains network. The integrat-ed technical panel ensures that all necessary connections such as USB or LAN are available and that the batteries of mobile phones and tablets are always adequately charged.