10/24/2023 - Automatically ergonomic - the to-sync automatic

The back aches and the neck feels tight. The fact that sitting on a dining chair as a permanent solution for working from home was not such a good idea only dawns on many employees after several months of home working. Hybrid work concepts are now an established part of the world of work and we know that working from home is here to stay. Now is the time to look for a home seating solution that is kind to the back. One particularly suitable solution for the home office is the new to-sync automatic swivel chair from Dauphin's Trendoffice brand. Its mechanism automatically adjusts correctly to each individual’s body weight, which is ideal if several people share the same desk at home.

Offenhausen, September 2023 – In recent months, many employees have found that working from home and ergonomics are hard to reconcile. Instead of sitting on appropriate office chairs, many have sat on a four-legged chair at their kitchen table in their improvised home office – and not done their back any favours in the process.

But if you regularly adopt the wrong seated posture, you are jeopardising your own health in the long run. And studies demonstrate that disorders of the muscular and skeletal system are still the most common reason for people being signed off sick from work. Purchasing a suitable office chair is therefore absolutely recommended to ensure that back pain and tension does not occur in the first place.

The new “to-sync automatic” office chair from Trendoffice focuses on the human being and their health and, with its automatic weight feature, is the perfect choice when different people use the chair. The chair mechanism detects the body weight of each individual user and automatically adjusts the backrest counterpressure to the correct setting each time a new person sits down. This is particularly beneficial in households in which several family members take turns to share a workstation – whether it’s for working at a PC or a bit of gaming during leisure time. No need to rethink or adapt – just get started. Everyone automatically sits correctly on the to-sync automatic.

The swivel chair’s seat height and depth is also quick and easy to adjust and it features individually adjustable armrests. Thanks to the synchronous mechanism, the seat and backrest actively and harmoniously follow the movements of the person sitting on it and provide support when needed. The breathable mesh backrest delivers lightness and, for even greater comfort, is equipped with a height-adjustable lumbar support that provides additional support in the lower back area.

A neckrest which can quickly be retrofitted by hand allows you to lean back and relax while you concentrate on the task in hand. Attractive seat cushion covers and lumbar pads in six different colours provide a splash of colour and brighten up the home office.

For more information, visit https://www.trendoffice.com/