10/15/2020 - Bosse ION-Cloud – the indoor climate of the future

Rarely has the world of work changed as rapidly as it has recently. Hygiene in the office is suddenly more important than ever. Simultaneously, a desire for well-being in the workplace is gaining in importance, and the indoor climate plays a decisive role in this. State-of-the-art room-in-room systems from Bosse – a brand of the Dauphin HumanDesign Group® – can provide effective support for everyday office life. Using pioneering technology that offers both health protection and well-being: ION-Cloud is inspired by nature and creates the indoor climate of the future.

Offenhausen, October 2020 – Whether in a small conference or a meeting for two: Bosse room-in-room systems can now be equipped with our innovative technology that makes people's working and living environment safer and contributes significantly to their well-being at work.  

The key lies in our small, hardly noticeable device in the ceiling of the cube: the ION-Cloud. Upon entering the room system, the occupancy sensor automatically activates the ION-Cloud, ventilation, and lighting. The Leipzig University scientifically proved our device's effectiveness in a study using a type of coronavirus, the influenza A virus, H1N1, and the multi-resistant hospital pathogen Staphylococcus aureus. By releasing negative ions, Bosse's new development succeeds in demonstrably inactivating viruses and bacteria in the indoor climate. The negative ions attach themselves to positively charged pathogen particles in the air, such as viruses, bacteria, fine dust, or pollen, thus rendering them harmless to humans.

At the same time, ION-Cloud achieves the positive effects of nature. Negative ions normally only occur in high concentrations at waterfalls, seashores or in the mountains – in other words, where people feel particularly good. These "vitamins of the air" not only protect the users of the room-in-room system from possible infection but also have an additional positive effect on our well-being and ability to concentrate.

ION-Cloud can be integrated into all Bosse room-in-room systems – from the large "human space cube 4.0" and the smaller "dialogue cube" for two to the "telephone cube 2.0" or the new, even more flexible "bosselino" mini-office. All existing cubes can also be upgraded with ION-Cloud on request.