03/22/2016 - Building report: „The Loft“ from Wortmann - Modern office environment with individual atmosphere

The company Wortmann created a modern, open-plan office environment in a former warehouse in Detmold. This smart “loft” reflects the innovative philosophy of the company and provides more than 170 employees with a motivational working environment that has a special atmosphere.

When it came to designing the working environment in the “loft”, the key factors for the shoe company Wortmann were openness, brightness, acoustics, a modern ambience and functionality. The intention was that the innovative attitude of the company – which is known for its Tamaris shoe brand – should also be reflected in the new open-plan office. To achieve this, the company completely reconfigured a former warehouse in Detmold over the course of a year: The dark industrial building was transformed into a working environment that is suffused with light and has a feel-good vibe. In September 2015, the administration department of the Wortmann Group, one of the largest shoe production and distribution companies in Europe, moved into the new loft office providing a total of 174 workstations.

Initially it was necessary to create the basic requirements for transforming the old industrial hall into a contemporary office environment. Among other things, the hall roof was raised, dome lights were inserted in the roof and the old ISO sandwich façade was replaced with a large window façade at the front. In addition, a second level was partially integrated into the hall and used to accommodate additional workstations. In the reconfigured hall, a modern lighting, heating and ventilation concept now ensures a pleasant climate to work in all year round. The special atmosphere of this spacious industrial location was retained though.

The intention was that the forward-looking philosophy of the company should also be reflected in the furniture and workstation design. When it came to furnishing the loft office, Wortmann therefore relied on a trusted partner: Bosse Design, a brand of the Dauphin HumanDesign Group, has been supporting the company for more than 30 years on matters of workstation design and provides it with functional, high-quality furniture. The Bosse modul tubular furniture system offers a great deal of flexibility and functionality, a range of customisation options and also high quality – aspects that reflect the ideals of the Wortmann Group. It was therefore an obvious step to opt for modul space from Bosse Design to configure the workstations in the loft office.


The workstation concept largely comprises four-person bench solutions with acoustic screens and integrated lighting. Arranged evenly in the hall, the benches provide clear structure in the open-plan spaces. The all-white workstations emphasise the bright and friendly atmosphere of the office environment. Desks and sideboards from the modul space range from Bosse Design are used to deliver all the necessary modern functions. The flexible tubular furniture system of building blocks makes it possible to configure consistent workstations with a high-quality yet understated design. modul space is noted for its simple constructional principle with its three components: an enclosed connector, chrome modular tubing and modular panels. The various possible combinations of the individual elements allow furniture to be made in a wide range of configurations – ideal for meeting Wortmann's specifications and guaranteeing a standard yet individual look for the office workstations in the open-plan office.

The work areas are divided into zones using sliding door sideboards from Bosse Design at different heights. Even the parapet of the upper level of the office including the cupboard space and electrification was implemented using the Bosse modul space system. Besides the four-person bench solutions which make up the majority of the workstation concept, individual workstations in the Wortmann loft are also configured from the flexible Bosse modul space modular system. Equipped with acoustic screens, they are ideal as temporary workplaces and enable workers to enjoy some privacy from the open-plan office for a short time. Individual cocooning furniture also creates places of retreat from the open space and skilfully creates bold splashes of colour in the light office design.

The new office landscape therefore meets all of the requirements of a modern working environment with a harmonious balance between privacy and openness and maximum functionality. With the comprehensive transformation of the warehouse and support from Bosse Design, Wortmann successfully managed to create a contemporary, motivational working environment with an individual atmosphere in a “loft”.