10/26/2015 - Dauphin at the A+A 2015: New products for ideal ergonomic sitting

The Dauphin HumanDesign Group GmbH & Co. KG (DHDG) stand at the A+A will focus on integrated design. The company will present contemporary solutions for ideal working environments in industry and offices. In its product presentations, the DHDG will place a particular emphasis on practicality. With the new "@Just 24/7", the company will present a tailor-made seating solution for fatigue-free sitting even during 24-hour shift work with changing users. Dauphin will also unveil a new "allround" work chair.

Düsseldorf, 27.10.2015 – The DHDG stand at this year's A+A will centre around integrated solutions for ideal workplace design in industry and offices. The emphasis will be on practicality. The stand will therefore focus on innovative seating and furnishing solutions for various working areas within an industrial company – from production, workshop, laboratory and clean room areas to ESD protection zones and even management areas with office furniture.

"@Just 24/7" for round-the-clock sitting

For 24-hour workstations, the DHDG's successful Dauphin brand will present for the first time a new work chair from the "@Just" range. It is ideal for the demanding situations encountered during round-the-clock shift work with changing users. With its patented seat mechanism, the chair helps users to sit correctly and thus takes the strain off the spinal column. At the same time, it allows the freedom of movement needed for dynamic sitting with small changes in posture. This helps to prevent fatigue resulting from sitting still for long periods, avoids one-sided loads being placed on the body and encourages concentration. Intuitive operation and rapid adjustment of the backrest counterpressure allow shift workers to adjust the chair effortlessly to their individual requirements. After all, chairs at 24-hour workstations must meet the requirements of various users of different sizes and builds.

New all-rounder in the industrial chair segment

In addition to innovative seating solutions for the various requirements encountered in settings such as laboratories or production workstations in ESD protection zones, Dauphin will unveil an innovative "allround" industrial chair at the trade fair. The new, versatile "Tec allround" work chair combines outstanding ergonomics with a wide range of functions, ease of operation and robust construction. As an all-rounder in the industrial chair segment, it meets the needs of various working areas and users. A wide range of components and features can be selected according to requirements. For example, the new industrial chair from Dauphin is available in hard-wearing polyurethane for workshop and production areas. In contrast, the laboratory version features special imitation leather which is disinfectant-resistant yet pleasant to the touch.