09/01/2020 - Dauphin has something against germs

People have learned in recent months to keep their distance. Hygiene has become more important than ever before, so that they can continue to meet where it is conducive to good cooperation or where infection prevention is particularly important. This poses new challenges for everyone. Seating furniture from Dauphin with microsilver additives offers an intelligent solution.
Offenhausen, September 2020 - It must be clean: Corona hasn't just changed the world of work forever. In many areas of everyday life, the awareness of hygiene has changed fundamentally. Clearance, space efficiency and hygienic surfaces are becoming increasingly important - whether in offices, surgeries, laboratories or in the catering trade.

In addition to ergonomic seating, a healthy workplace has long since included an effective hygiene concept - surveys show that many employees find this particularly important when returning to the office. A Forsa survey commissioned by the Industrieverband Büro und Arbeitswelt (IBA), for example, concludes that half of the employees want improved hygiene rules and equipment from their employer when returning to the office after weeks in the home office. In the future, distance rules, infection protection and easy-to-clean office and workplace equipment will also be decisive for the well-being of employees.
Dauphin meets these demanding hygiene requirements with the innovative MicroSilver BG™ technology which is used in the Stilo family of office swivel chairs and the Fiore multi-purpose chair. The antimicrobial material - invisibly incorporated in seat shells, seat covers or armrests - serves as an effective prevention against infection by bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms. Because studies have shown that pathogens on office chairs feel particularly comfortable due to the warming during sitting. The long-lasting microsilver additive - as microparticles evenly distributed in the material - can provide a remedy.

The antimicrobial effect is created thanks to the continuous release of ions by the incorporated silver and doesn't suffer either from wear or cleaning. The hygienic effectiveness therefore lasts the entire life of the chair. Furthermore, MicroSilver BG™ is - in contrast to the smaller nanosilver particles - harmless to health. As an option, the upholstery of the chair models is available with the Silvertex® cover material, which also has an antimicrobial effect.

Seating solutions with antimicrobial effects are also particularly important in catering establishments and in heavily frequented visitor areas, such as those found in canteens or waiting rooms in medical environments - where the risk of infection is potentially particularly high. At these locations, the multi-purpose chair Fiore with micro-silver not only makes an important contribution to a sustainable hygiene concept, but also fits harmoniously into a wide variety of room concepts thanks to its classic design.
Dauphin offers its Tec family of industrial chairs with a microsilver additive for workplaces in laboratories or other hygiene-sensitive areas. The silver ions are used here in plastic outer shells, operating levers and Silvertex® covers.
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