07/31/2023 - “Dauphin Workheart” transforms the office into a social space

“Vast” open-plan offices have had their day. The future world of work will be hybrid and flexible, with companies needing to restructure the spaces they currently use. For a successful redesign, a fundamental, forward-looking concept is required. This is why the Dauphin Group, a pioneer in innovative office design, has developed “Dauphin Workheart”. This concept is designed to ensure that the offices of the future are individually designed and furnished with the aspiration of moving “from super private to super social” to reflect the desired level of social interaction.

As the requirement to work from home has ended, employees returning to the office now have fundamentally different needs. The era of people working in open-plan offices with their own permanent workstations is over. With people working from home becoming a key component of the world of work, the office has been transformed into a “place to meet”, a place to interact, to work together creatively and identify with the company. The “Homeoffice Experience”, “Homeoffice Experience 2.0” and “Office Analytics” studies, conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute, also conclude that spontaneous interaction with colleagues and working together on projects are the most important reasons for employees returning to the office.

In order for companies to meet these needs, office spaces must now be reimagined and redesigned.

The Dauphin HumanDesign Group has developed “Dauphin Workheart” with “from super private to super social” as the guiding principle. It is all about viewing the office as the centre of the company and achieving the perfect balance between productivity and efficiency (“work”) and emotionality, authenticity and passion (“heart”).

The main point is to transform the office into a social space and to set it up according to the needs of their employees rather than their activities because above all else the office of the future will be human-centred. The “Dauphin Workheart” concept is therefore flexible and scalable so that it can meet the individual needs of each specific company but also adapt as circumstances change over time. It is emotional and tailored to the team's wishes, easy to implement and can be modified and refined at any time.

Me, Team, Family – the three zones of the office of the future

The essence of the concept is to split offices into zones to reflect the level of social interaction and then divide them up into specific settings that can be individually kitted out. This is based on the three zones Me, Team and Family. The “Me” zone provides places of retreat for people to focus on their own work. The “Team” zone is where fixed project and department teams can organise things to reflect their own needs. The “Family” zone is a place to meet for private conversations and a relaxed chat alongside colleagues. This is also the location of the central meeting point, the heart of the company: the Heartbar. Within these three zones, each company can create needs-based settings that can quickly be modified to suit a particular situation with flexible furniture on castors.

A partner by your side

From consulting and planning through to implementation and a final assessment of the new office spaces, you need a reliable partner. Expert interior designers from the Dauphin HumanDesgin Group help authorised distributors and companies with this process. Over a long period of time, the current situation in the company is analysed, the needs of the company and its employees are assessed, an individual concept is drawn up, implemented and then evaluated again following a test phase. This means that companies can go through a structured, supported process to find their own individual path for creating an “attractive, new world of work” and implement it with great success.

Dauphin Workheart Space

The redesigned showroom of the Dauphin HumanDesign Group in Frankfurt/Offenbach has been configured entirely based on the Dauphin Workheart new work concept. Thanks to the involvement of exclusive cooperation partners from the lighting, technology and equipment industry, the Dauphin Workheart combines space design, technology and refinement in a coherent overall concept. The exhibition space covering more than 450 m2 is actively used by Dauphin employees as a “living showcase”.

For more information, visit www.dauphinworkheart.com or listen to our Dauphin Workheart podcast.