09/29/2013 - Furnishing solutions for surgeries, clinics and hospitals

Individual furniture design for surgeries, clinics and hospitals from the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group's broad portfolio of brands.
Offenhausen, September 2013. Pleasant surroundings aid the recovery process. Furnishings in medical practices, clinics and hospitals should therefore not only meet specialist requirements and ensure efficient working processes but also take into account aesthetic considerations. Carefully designed, functional and practical furniture create a positive atmosphere, make day-to-day work easier and reflect the business culture of a medical practice, clinic or hospital in a positive manner.

“Waiting times generally seem longer if we don't feel comfortable," said Dr Jochen Ihring, Managing Director of the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group (DHDG). "In most cases, people perceive the amount of time spent waiting subjectively. Hospital in-patients too feel better and recover more quickly in a pleasant, homely atmosphere than in an austere, sterile environment." However, the furnishings expert also acknowledges that economically-minded doctors are finding it increasingly difficult to invest in furnishings given the problems currently facing the health care sector. Nevertheless, it is still possible to do this – with furniture that combines everyday practicality with functionality and intelligent design yet still offers value for money over the entire life cycle. “modul space” from Bosse, a brand of the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group, is an excellent example. This high-quality range of furniture is based on a simple building-block principle. It consists of a small number of individual parts which fit together systematically, producing furniture which can be adapted and expanded to suit your own specific needs. It is therefore becoming increasingly popular in today's practices and hospitals.

With the "modul space" carcass furniture and modular tables, you can furnish your premises in a harmonious, integral manner. Possible areas of use include reception, patient admission and waiting areas, hospital wards and sickrooms, treatment rooms and laboratories, archives, offices and meeting rooms as well as canteens, bistro areas and cafeterias. The "modul space" tubular furniture system is complemented by high-quality, practical seating from the Dauphin Group. With its Bosse, Dauphin, Dauphin Home®, Trendoffice and Züco brands, the group covers virtually all segments of the residential and facility furniture market.

When used in medical settings, the versatile, ergonomic seating solutions are inviting and comfortable, colourful and cheery as well as simple and functional. "What is important is that individual parts interact correctly," said Dr Ihring. "Through careful planning and sensible use of the furniture, we maximise functionality and professionalism in medical and care settings."

With the ergonomic "Tec Dolphin" standing seat, the DHDG even offers a reliable solution for use in accident and emergency departments. Generally speaking, the doctors and other medical staff who work here have to spend long periods on their feet and carry out most of their work while standing. "Tec Dolphin" from the Dauphin portfolio enables doctors and A&E staff, dentists and surgeons to sit down for short breaks, e.g. when performing on-screen work or carrying out special examinations, and thus allows a welcome change of posture to take the strain off their back, legs and feet.

Maintaining hygiene standards is equally important. The DHDG is the first office furniture manufacturer to offer an antibacterial micro-silver additive for armrests. It helps to prevent the spread of infections through germs. This additive is based on a finishing process which is mainly used on door handles and other door fittings in practices and hospitals. With the help of a patented silver technology, it actually kills germs rather than simply preventing them from sticking to surfaces. The micro-silver additive will be used for the first time on Dauphin's new “X-Code” office chair range as well as its "Previo" visitor chairs.