07/25/2016 - Furnishing solutions for the working environments of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow

The Dauphin HumanDesign Group will be presenting itself at Orgatec Office & Object 2016 (25. - 29.10.2016) in Cologne as an expert provider of complete contemporary furnishing solutions for the working environments of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The solutions concept, which was first unveiled in 2014, has been constantly developed and this year it is once again the core theme of the company’s trade show presentation. In addition, important product innovations will be on display, for example:

• The comeback of the telephone booth: The “Bosse Telephone Cube” creates privacy for a confidential phone call
• At the same level: “Züco Signo”, the new addition to the management level
• Back comfort zone: “Dauphin Lordo flex” provides noticeable support for the back

Offenhausen, July 2016. Everyone is talking about change in the world of work – digitisation, globalisation, demographic change – and this has an effect on the fixtures and furnishings found in progressive office buildings. The Dauphin HumanDesign Group (DHDG) has recognised this and incorporated these new findings into its product solutions and services. At Orgatec 2016, the company will be showcasing well-thought-out furnishing concepts covering the themes of welcome, lead, meet, work, learn and relax in a space covering more than 1,000 square metres in Hall 8.1, booth B028-C029. Instead of presenting individual products, the focus will be on combining them for specific applications to created innovative, integrated solutions. In addition, important new developments which provide users with optimum support in their daily work and contribute to better health and efficiency at work will be presented.

The comeback of the telephone booth: The “Bosse Telephone Cube” creates privacy for a confidential phone call

Open-plan, transparent office landscapes are a persistent trend. The disadvantages are a high level of noise and limited space. Employees suffer from difficulties with concentration and a lack of privacy when it comes to discussing personal matters, for example. With its successful “human space Cube”, Bosse Design offers attractive, practical room-within-a-room solutions for focused working in an open-plan office in order to deal with this problem. Self-contained, the Cube provides a space for peace and quiet, concentration, communication and recreation and helps to create a pleasant working atmosphere in open-plan office landscapes.

As a further development to the Cube, in 2016 Bosse is unveiling the perfect place of retreat to make a confidential phone call in an open-plan office: the “Bosse Telephone Cube”. With a base area of 1.14 m x 1.14 m (slightly larger than the conventional version found on streets), the telephone booth, which has gone out of fashion, is now experiencing a comeback in the open-plan office.

Regardless of the particular building, this practical telephone cube can be installed as a room-within-a-room solution in open-plan office landscapes. It can be positioned in a different location quickly and easily if necessary, and it can therefore be used very flexibly. A specifically developed ventilation system guarantees a sufficient supply of fresh air. The use of double glazing and acoustic components guarantees optimum sound absorption and insulation figures: Employees can make phone calls in peace without disturbing their colleagues when they do so. Visual highlights can be created thanks to the acoustic panel which can be individually printed on the inside and the outside. There are therefore no limits on the freedom of design.

The “Bosse Telephone Cube” is simply connected to the existing mains power. The integrated technical panel ensures that all of the required communications ports such as USB or LAN are available and that mobile phone and tablet batteries are always sufficiently charged. The aspect of sustainability has not been forgotten either: All technical functions such as LED lighting (Nimbus/A++) and ventilation are controlled via a presence detector and respond automatically as soon as the cube starts to be used. This ensures a very low level of energy consumption. So there should be nothing to stop the telephone booth from making a successful comeback.

At the same level: “Züco Signo”, the new addition to the management level

Specifically to meet the needs of the managers of today and tomorrow, the Züco design team designed the new “Züco Signo” management range for Orgatec 2016. The role of a boss has changed in the last few decades: Dynamic and with flat hierarchies, he or she manages on an equal footing and thus demonstrates a close team ethos. Status symbols that emphasise their own status within the company are largely dispensed with. This trend is also reflected in the way that today's sophisticated management office is furnished. Rather than sumptuous armchairs, slender executive swivel chairs which radiate an elegant subtlety are finding their way onto the management level, for example “Züco Signo”.

The main focus of the latest innovation from the Swiss manufacturer Züco is on design, comfort and quality. The deliberately simple look is heavily influenced by the ample backrest. Designed with real swing, the slender outline of the backrest recalls the double S-curve of the spine and clearly demonstrates the ergonomic comfort of the executive swivel chair at first glance. The fluid styling of “Züco Signo” is understated and gives the new executive and conference chair range an exclusive, prestigious feel. The backrest bar made from polished aluminium is a striking design feature and adds the finishing touch to the chair.

“Züco Signo” not only radiates comfort and convenience but, thanks to the patented “Syncro-MotionX®” mechanism, it offers the person sitting on it the best ergonomic support possible. The seat and backrest follow the user harmoniously and synchronously at all times throughout the movement process. The intelligent technology is barely visible: With the “Züco Signo” range, all of the operating components are arranged ergonomically, are easily accessible and are integrated compactly into the mechanism.

In combination with a selection of high-quality materials such as fine leather, soft fabrics or polished aluminium and many years of experience of crafted upholstery, this produces a result that really does impress: “Züco Signo” is a prestigious executive swivel chair with light, puristic styling that radiates exclusivity and comfort – it is very much design at an equal level.

Back comfort zone: “Dauphin Lordo flex” provides noticeable support for the back

To provide optimum support for the back during daily work, the ergonomics experts from Dauphin teamed up with the renowned designer Martin Ballendat to develop the new “Lordo flex” range of office swivel chairs for Orgatec 2016. The name says it all: This innovative seating solution, which is noted for having an elastic mesh fabric, is comfortable and delivers the best possible support for the back thanks to even pressure distribution throughout the movement process.

Back problems are among the most common illnesses in Germany – particularly among sedentary workers. The consequences are well known: muscular tension, headaches, back complaints, a drop in performance and ultimately staff absences owing to illness. With the new “Lordo flex” development, Dauphin is offering a seating solution that effectively helps to tackle the back problems so prevalent in today's society. The intelligent ergonomics concept is designed to counteract the side effects of sitting down for hours on end and creates a comfort zone for the back.

The focal point of the new design by Martin Ballendat is the flexibly mounted mesh backrest which supports the body of the person sitting on it with even pressure distribution throughout the movement process. The height adjustment of the backrest by 10 cm makes it possible to adjust the backrest to cater for the individual dimensions of people of different sizes. In the forward, upright seated posture, “Lordo flex” also provides noticeable support that extends over the tips of the shoulder blades. The transparent, elastic mesh fabric provides additional comfort – regardless of the seated position.

The seat is divided into three sections and likewise adapts to the user’s individual sitting profile throughout the movement process. Made-to-measure support that is steered and controlled by the patented Dauphin “Syncro-Dynamic Advanced” mechanism. Once it has been set to the user's individual body weight, “Dauphin Lordo flex” automatically ensures a balanced posture at all times.

Together with the fluid styling of the chair, which is based on the back contour of the person sitting on it, this creates a perfect blend of ergonomics and design. In addition, the plastic components of the chair are optionally available in a light or dark colour scheme and allow a classical or trendy design. No matter what the formal version of the design is, “Dauphin Lordo flex” creates a comfort zone for any back thanks to its patented technology and the transparent mesh back.