03/28/2024 - Made for sharing

As hybrid working models are becoming ever more established, the demand for permanent, fixed desks for people to work at in offices is falling. Spaces are being reinvented and so is the traditional workplace. One way of making effective use of the available space is desk sharing – where several employees share one desk. But with this model, the ergonomic requirements need to be considered as well. On the new Dauphin Indeed automatic, the backrest counterpressure adjusts automatically to suit the weight of different users. This makes it very easy for multiple "chair users" to switch between working from home and the office. In addition, every single detail of the Indeed automatic has been designed with the environment in mind, reducing its CO2 emissions to the maximum.

With the Indeed product line, sustainability and lightness are key factors in the design concept created by in-house designer Rüdiger Schaack. This is also reflected in the new Indeed automatic. The innovative Motionflex-Automatic mechanism blends seamlessly into the overall shape, combining the aspects of design, technology and sustainability. The intelligent mechanism produces the counterforce from the material and two spring elements provide additional fine adjustment.

To make the chair easy to handle and conserve resources during production, this smart office chair impresses with a reduction in the quantity of materials used! As a result, the Indeed automatic weighs ten percent less than the classic Indeed model. The elegant office chair impresses by maximising the prevention of CO2 emissions in the areas of design, the materials used, production and logistics and is sustainably designed and eco-consciously produced down to the finest detail. Using recycled materials reduces the emissions that are produced. Over 90 percent of the materials used are recyclable.

To illustrate the importance of environmental protection, the Indeed automatic carries both the Blue Angel and the Level3 certificate based on the FEMB sustainability standard.

Less plastic in the oceans thanks to SEAQUAL® YARN

The fabric cover on the Dauphin Indeed automatic is made from "Sealife", a versatile, attractively patterned fabric in uni and melange shades made from 100% SEAQUAL® YARN. What makes this fabric special is that the recycled polyester contains at least ten per cent marine plastic. Thanks to its positive environmental footprint, "Sealife" has been awarded the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Dauphin has joined the "Seaqual Initiative" and is thereby contributing to cleaning up the oceans.

Outstandingly ergonomic

With its wide range of adjustment options, Indeed automatic is not just very climate-friendly, but also extremely ergonomic. This is why it has been awarded the renowned “Tested & recommended” seal of quality from Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR). The innovative Motionflex®-Automatic mechanism makes the office swivel chair perfect for shared workstations because the mechanism adjusts automatically to suit the weight of each user and independently controls the restoring force of the backrest.

Near sourcing – proximity is important

From the plastic and foam materials through to the upholstery, more than 80 per cent of the materials for the swivel chair, which is manufactured in Germany, come from the local region within a short radius of the Dauphin plant in Offenhausen, Middle Franconia. Indeed is easy to dismantle and assemble and, thanks to the film packaging, it can be transported in a way that saves space using Dauphin’s own fleet of vehicles. Getting rid of bulky boxes means more space and load capacity in each truck and therefore lower CO2 emissions.

All the measures taken help to save the maximum amount of CO2. The emissions that are still produced during the manufacturing process are compensated for together with the organisation natureOffice. The full climate conservation project in Togo that has been chosen to do this helps to ensure that the Indeed automatic can be described as entirely climate-friendly.