02/24/2021 - Maintaining your poise in the home office

Video calls and longer phone calls are often on the agenda in the home office. What suffers is posture. To prevent back pain, it is important to stay dynamic even when sitting, in addition to getting enough exercise. The fact that this is often not guaranteed is revealed by the international study "Working from home experience" conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute during the Corona pandemic. Accordingly, the ergonomic equipment of the workplace at home is in particular need of optimisation.

Offenhausen, February 2021 - The right attitude and dynamics at work are literally a matter of attitude: The Dauphin office swivel chair @Just evo also allows the necessary fine adjustment in the home office, where long, concentrated sitting is often necessary.

Because if you don't sit properly, you risk your health in the long term. In addition, many people are staying in front of the screen even longer than usual due to lockdown and working from home. According to the findings of the Fraunhofer Institute, the potential for optimisation in the ergonomics of the desk chair is among the greatest for a large proportion of home office workers.  In addition, the study reveals a significant correlation between performance in the home office and the ergonomic equipment of the workplace. Ergonomics scores worst among those who work on an unsuitable chair in the kitchen or dining room.

To prevent consequential damage, the Dauphin @Just evo ensures that the movement of the seat and backrest is harmoniously synchronised and makes it possible to lean back comfortably during a video call or a long telephone conversation. The Dauphin @Just evo has been awarded the renowned "Tested & Recommended" seal of quality by the Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR - Campaign for a Healthy Back) and thus makes an important contribution to well-being and the ability to concentrate in the home office.

For an active sitting posture, the backrest, seat depth and seat tilt can be adjusted up to -4° in a few simple steps, which also relieves the back during longer periods of concentrated typing. Height- and width-adjustable armrests with soft armrests do the rest for a relaxed sitting and working experience in which the arms can rest loosely and thus relieve the shoulder and neck muscles when typing.

The new look with fresh colours guarantees that the @Just evo blends effortlessly into the living environment. If desired, the office swivel chairs made in Germany can also be upholstered with the environmentally friendly Tonal fabric made from recycled PET bottles by the Danish manufacturer Gabriel. Depending on taste, the @Just evo is available as a comfortable upholstered version with an easy-care plastic back shell or with a light, breathable mesh backrest and white or black components. A contemporary companion for the home office.