05/31/2023 - Mobile room dividers - Maximising flexible design

If you want to perform to the best of your ability at work, you need to feel completely comfortable. Particularly in open-plan offices, a sensibly designed working environment plays a key role. The solution offering maximum flexibility is Bosse modul space mobile.

The Bosse modul space modular tubular furniture system is already very flexible and individual thanks to its variety of different materials, surfaces and colours. But it gets even more flexible. This is because nowadays furniture increasingly has to be adaptable to meet the changing requirements of the office and agile working. And this is exactly what the new Bosse modules do. They are now also available as mobile, multifunctional dividing walls on castors. You can choose from seven different configurations that allow you to constantly rearrange central areas and design them to meet your needs.

The possibilities extend from a traditional acoustic wall with a sound-absorbing fabric cover, a working wall which can be used on either side with a whiteboard and practical storage space, a coat rack trolley with a mirror and storage compartment, a plantable room divider in two different heights and an agile flat-screen module through to a workstation with a desk that folds out. All modules feature the attractive combination of modern design and high-quality materials.

Freely positionable in open spaces, the modules not only provide screening and structure to a room, but also – depending on the configuration – add functional value to different rooms and work situations.