10/24/2017 - Office oasis: in the thick of the action and yet private with “Dauphin Atelier”

Individually designed central zones allow peace and quiet in open-plan offices and provide a visual contrast. With its versatile and award-winning "Dauphin Atelier" lounge and cocooning furniture, the Dauphin Group offers a fresh and modern "island" solution – the ideal retreat for all members of staff.

Offenhausen, October 2017. Unlike classic large offices, open-plan office landscapes combine a number of much smaller individual and shared offices to allow focused (tele)work with a multifunctional communal zone. In this central zone, people communicate with each other and can also take a break whenever necessary. Annoying factors such as a high noise level in the open-plan room or disturbances owing to colleagues making phone calls should be combated.

A peaceful, quiet retreat in open-plan offices? With the multifunctional "Dauphin Atelier" lounge range, this can easily be achieved. The central zone solution offers the privacy, peace and quiet people need to concentrate when working individually, for team meetings or simply to relax. In the thick of the action and yet private, "Atelier" provides a homely touch in the central zone and, like an island, somewhere for staff to take a break and relax whenever they need to.

"Dauphin Atelier" is not only very comfortable but can also be combined to create room-within-a-room zone solutions. Whether it be a single, two or three-seater, a room-forming island or a comfortable sofa area, with fixed or loose backrest cushions, in bright red, luminous orange, lime green, fresh yellow or in navy blue – thanks to its modular design, the cocooning furniture from Dauphin can be configured according to your individual needs. The upholstered wall elements are connected individually and provide a homely sanctuary in hectic office environments. The quilted stitching on the inner and/or outer side of the rear wall is an important design feature. For its design, „Dauphin Atelier“ was priced as Winner of the „German Design Award 2018“.

"Dauphin Atelier" is available in four widths, three heights and with four upholstery designs. Thanks to the modular design, you can even choose contrasting colours for the carcass and cushions. Optional linking elements, either with or without a table, for use between individual "Atelier" items as well as electrification for laptops, smartphones or other technical equipment make this versatile range of upholstered furniture even more practical. "Dauphin Atelier" can be a much-needed island in the open space office for every employee and their needs.