12/01/2023 - Reimagining spaces

The world of work is changing fast: globalisation and digitisation are demanding increasing flexibility from businesses and their employees. New work concepts, such as coworking and shared spaces, and the growing importance of creative knowledge-based work require the creation of optimum performance spaces. What this means for companies is spaces need to be reimagined and restructured to meet the needs of employees and make work processes more efficient. This is where with cube generation 4.0 Bosse offers room-in-room solutions whose technology, look, function, flexibility and design are perfectly matched. All six versions can be combined, enabling you to create modern places to retreat with a consistent appearance.

The era of people working in open-plan offices with their own permanent workstations is over. Hybrid working at different locations is now an established part of everyday work. These changes mean new challenges for the spaces in which we work. These, too, have to adapt flexibly to changing requirements, change their position, and transform their appearance. At the same time, the factors of cost, efficiency and sustainability must not be lost sight of. The new Bosse cube 4.0 generation caters for all the requirements of modern worlds of work and satisfies the most exacting aesthetic demands with its timeless, minimalist design.

Inspiring rooms

The Bosse cube generation 4.0 offers room-in-room solutions in six different sizes whose technology, look, function, flexibility and design are perfectly matched. This means that all versions can be combined – from the cube 4.0 telephone for one person to the more spacious cubes 4.0 work or dialogue, and the cubes 4.0 collaboration and meeting for larger meetings, all the way to the large cube 4.0 session, which is suitable for up to 16 people. This results in coordinated places of retreat that can be designed flexibly and provide a space for concentration, communication and recuperation. What you get are individual worlds of work with scope to relax for people to concentrate on their own work, confidential discussions, uninterrupted video calls and productive meetings.

The best place to work

With its innovative technology and superior features in relation to lighting, ventilation and acoustics, the new cube generation sets the benchmarks for room-in-room solutions. The cube 4.0 is fully accessible, is installed free-standing and can be positioned and moved around flexibly within a building thanks to plug and play. All versions can optionally be fitted with the ION Cloud ventilation tool, for which a patent is pending. The ION Cloud has been demonstrated to destroy any viruses and bacteria in the room. Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven by a study conducted by the University of Leipzig which tested the device for a type of coronavirus, the influenza A virus H1N1 and the multiresistant hospital pathogen Staphylococcus aureus.

However, the ION Cloud not only protects you from possible infection, but also has a positive impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of anyone who uses the cube. It promotes your ability to concentrate and supports focused working.

Timeless design

The frame structure of the cube generation 4.0. with its minimalist design in natural or black anodised aluminium creates an elegant lightness in the room. In addition, the room-in-room system features a visually appealing, closed ceiling structure in white. The door is equipped with integrated magnetic locking, a floor cover seal and concealed door hinges.

Flexibility of the highest calibre

The design of the cube 4.0 system makes all the difference. The entire glass cube can be equipped with a variety of panels which are configurable either permanently or temporarily between the aluminium profiles. All panels can be attached to the exterior or interior of the cube, thus providing maximum flexibility for work. The fixed panels are suitable for the power supply and for integrating electrification units. The flexible panels with different purposes and finishes can easily be moved using an intelligent rail system. The flexibility of the internal and external configuration enables the sides to be open or closed. Panels with a wood look, photo prints, fabric-covered acoustic panels, technical panels or whiteboards – there are limitless design possibilities.