10/26/2015 - Safe and healthy ESD workstations

At the A+A 2015, the Dauphin HumanDesign Group GmbH & Co. KG (DHDG) will present ideal ergonomic seating solutions geared to the special safety requirements at ESD workstations. The ESD work chairs presented at the trade fair help users not only to sit correctly but also protect against the risks associated with electrostatic discharges. The Dauphin products' high quality is confirmed by recognised certifications. The company offers advice regarding optimum workplace design which goes far beyond simply choosing suitable seating.

Düsseldorf, 27.10.2015 – At the A+A, Dauphin will show how ESD workstations can be equipped to ensure that they are safe and healthy. The focus will be on the "Tec profile" and "Tec classic" work chairs. Various models in these product ranges are available in special ESD versions. In working areas where electrostatic charges pose a risk, for example in chip and circuit board manufacture, this seating ensures that any excess energy is reliably dissipated. The chairs meet the special safety requirements that apply at ESD workstations. The testing laboratory of the renowned ESD Academy has confirmed that both the "Tec profile" (IS 20231) and "Tec classic" (IS 20891) from Dauphin meet all safety requirements. The institute has thoroughly tested the work chairs and certified them as being suitable for ESD protection zones.

Protection against electrostatic discharge

At ESD workstations, conductive chairs reliably protect against the risks of electrostatic discharge. This is particularly important when handling electronic components. After all, these can be damaged even by very small discharges which are barely noticeable to humans. Electronic components damaged by ESD usually fail within a number of weeks or months – usually when they are already installed in a product and being used by the customer. ESD protection is therefore a matter of work safety and quality management. The Dauphin product experts at the A+A would be happy to answer any questions regarding safe ESD workstations.

Ergonomics in the ESD workplace

A modern ESD workplace should not only meet the basic safety requirements but also help the people who work there to sit healthily. Sitting correctly prevents muscular tension, takes the strain off the spinal column and helps to prevent back problems ever occurring. The "Tec profile" range of industrial chairs from Dauphin does this in a very special way. It enables users to sit and work in a way which protects the back. The chairs, together with other Dauphin work chairs, thus bear the independent "Tested & Recommended" seal of quality from Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. The AGR seal is a respected mark of quality when selecting everyday ergonomic products.