10/17/2016 - Successor appointed: A new managing director at the Dauphin holding company

As of 01.10.2016, Dr. Bernhard E. Kallup will become Chief Executive Officer of Dauphin Office Interiors GmbH & Co. KG

Offenhausen, October 2016. In his new position at the Dauphin holding company, Dr. Bernhard E. Kallup (61) will take over the operative tasks from company founder Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin and, as his immediate successor, assume overall responsibility for the corporate group.

“In this role, Dr. Bernhard E. Kallup will work with the established and long-serving managing directors Antje Dauphin (IT, law and property), Dr. Jochen Ihring (sales), Bernd Neubauer (manufacturing and logistics) and Hans-Christian Reschke (finance, controlling and human resources),” explains Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin about the new appointment. 

It is also planned that Dr. Jochen Ihring will in time take over Dr. Kallup’s position, and that Dr. Kallup will then become Chairman of the Advisory Board.

In the future, Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin will chair the newly established shareholders’ committee and, along with his wife Elke Dauphin, will withdraw from day-to-day business operations.

“With the appointment of Dr. Kallup, the shareholders have managed to hire an industry expert whose know-how and profound managerial experience will serve as an additional driving force in the planned development away from a purely family-run business towards a management-led company,” the company’s founder explains. “With this decision, we are pleased to have found a viable solution for the future of the company as a whole”, Dauphin emphasises.

As the long-serving CEO of the furniture manufacturer Sedus Stoll AG, Dr. Bernhard E. Kallup was responsible for marketing, sales, technology and corporate development. His time at Sedus was preceded by leading positions at VARTA Batterie AG, both in central research and applications technology as well as on the automotive supply side.

Commenting on his acceptance of the new position, Dr. Bernhard E. Kallup said: “I am very much looking forward to the complex challenge of playing a key role in shaping the company’s future. It is a challenge that, with my 24 years of global experience in the office furniture sector, I am happy to take on.”

Together with Dr. Kallup, the Dauphin Group aims to secure its future and further consolidate its position as a full-service provider offering unrivalled innovation and creativity.

With 23 sales and production companies in Germany and abroad as well as numerous licensees and representatives in 81 countries, the Dauphin Group is one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture in Europe.