05/28/2015 - User report: "speed-o" brings colour to raumwerk

In 2014, the Nuremberg-based construction planning company "raumwerk23" entered the "Büro nach Wunsch" campaign and won. The most important change: ergonomic office chairs as the perfect solution for the working day.

Offenhausen, May 2015. Inspection, analysis, concept, dialogue, implementation – the process is always the same, but the result is very different each time. When experts Weber and Weber from the Dauphin HumanDesign Group turn up for the "Büro nach Wunsch" campaign, nothing stays the same – but many things improve.

At "raumwerk23 Gesellschaft für Bauprojektierung" in Nuremberg, the team of young professionals headed by managing directors Sven Lechner and David Gordon experienced just that. "As a young company, we're keen to establish a network within the region," said Sven Lechner. "When we heard about the original 'Büro nach Wunsch' campaign, we wanted advice regarding our own company but also wanted to find out whether synergies with office-furniture manufacturers could result. After all, the personal touch plays an important role in our day-to-day work too."

Indeed, a close relationship between the architects and planners at "raumwerk23" and the ergonomics experts from the Dauphin HumanDesign Group was established after several days of working together. "We'll remain in contact even after the work to improve our own office is complete," said Lechner.

And what are the main changes at "raumwerk23"?

First and foremost, stylish, ergonomic office chairs which fit in with the modern office ambience both at workstations and in the conference area and round it off ideally. "These chairs are perfect for our working day," said Lechner. "speed-o" is a perfect match for the custom-made workstations. Each employee was allowed to choose the colours for their table top and chair upholstery and was thus actively involved in designing their workstation. Together, the individual items of furniture produce an attractive whole which fits in very well with employees and the company philosophy.