03/29/2023 - Züco Averio XS: Design Meets Versatility

For over one hundred years, design and attention to detail have been the tradition at Züco. The Züco brand stands for a modern look and the highest level of comfort. The new Averio XS lounge chair has a narrower profile than the original model, and the height has been adjusted to that of a dining table chair. With its extensive repertoire of covers, colors and frames, Averio is a stylish all-round chair for the lounge and dining area.

The fully upholstered Averio XS chair can be individually configured, allowing for creativity when choosing the colors and materials. This impeccable chair can be made from a single material, or different materials - even on the inside and outside of the arm rests -  to create a pleasing contrast. The back upholstery can be drawn tight or a little looser, depending on your preference. The looser option has a wadding layer under the upholstery for even more comfort, which then creates relaxed folds, reminiscent of a comfortable sofa in a home living room. The result: exciting material and leather combinations melding together to create a uniquely designed piece of furniture.

These details make the Averio XS compatible with the widest range of interiors. The solid wood frame emphasizes the cozy character of an interior, whereas the narrow steel frame of the sled embodies elegance and ease. There’s also a frame option made of a classic aluminum cruciform base with a swivel function, which literally brings dynamics into play. The characteristic opening at the back, created with a high level of craftsmanship, gives the Averio XS a unique and individual appearance.

Design: Rüdiger Schaack

More information at: www.zueco.com