05/31/2021 - Bosse ION-Cloud desk – Individual indoor climate

The indoor climate and air hygiene are at the forefront like never before – including and especially in the workplace. Here the question is being asked more and more: how can we ensure a safe return to work? In the modern room-in-room systems from Bosse, ION-Cloud has already proven itself to be an effective technology for hygienic indoor air. It now also comes as a practical table-top device to spread ‘positive energy’ at individual workspaces by releasing negative ions and reduces the risk of infection.

Offenhausen, May 2021 – Just like its big sister in the Bosse cubes, the secret of ION-Cloud desk is in the tiny molecules: By releasing negative ions, the more flexible table-top device from Bosse also succeeds in demonstrably inactivating viruses in the indoor climate and neutralising bacteria. The negative ions attach themselves to these positively charged pathogen particles in the air as well as fine dust or pollen and thus render them harmless to humans.

ION-Cloud desk is the versatile and smaller version of the ION-Cloud and can be used with an orbital effective radius of up to three metres on desks in open offices, individual offices or even in the home office. This innovative technology is odourless and noiseless, as well as being maintenance-free. It also meets the needs of many employees for a safe return to work and contributes significantly to physical and mental performance.

The efficiency of ION-Cloud has been scientifically proven in a study by Leipzig University, which tested the effectiveness of the device using a type of coronavirus, the influenza A virus H1N1 and the multi-resistant hospital pathogen Staphylococcus aureus. A study by the Augsburg environmental institute BIFA also shows that the technology is indispensable when it comes to unwanted biological impact potential.

ION-Cloud and ION-Cloud desk are inspired by nature: Negative ions normally only occur in high concentrations at waterfalls, seashores or in the mountains – in other words, where people feel particularly good. The technology available for individual use at a desk or in all Bosse room-in-room systems – from the large “human space cube 4.0” and the smaller “dialogue cube” to the “telephone cube 2.0” or the even more flexible “bosselino” mini office – not only protects against possible infections, but also has additional positive side-effects on wellbeing and concentration. This promotes targeted working. Further information can be found at www.bosse.de