01/25/2023 - A new world of work made easy: Dauphin Allora Pouf

Flexible, comfortable, and spontaneous—that’s the definition of the new workday culture. Designed to embrace those needs are the new Allora Poufs: stackable, upholstered stools from Dauphin, available in a variety of materials, sizes, and colors.

For agile work and spontaneous exchange, the movable Allora Poufs adapt perfectly to every situation while also featuring a distinct edge. The double-stitched seams give the Pouf an accentuated, symmetrical look. The bevelled base has a balancing effect, enabling freedom of movement, while its non-slip covering guarantees comfort while seated. The stool is extremely light, providing complete flexibility. Available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small Allora Pouf, which weighs just 2.5 kilograms (about 5.5 pounds), features a practical strap to easily transport the Pouf from one place to the next. All three Poufs can be used together in a mix-and-match way.

The upholstery cover is made of Tonal fabric, which is 99% recycled PET bottles or 100% soft, ecological Avalon new wool. The fabric is perfect for every environment—the office, home office, and living areas too. Available in a variety of colors.

Allora Poufs: designed to make any environment match the new work world.